Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pulling out Rodin’s teeth.

All the book shops I visit have huge section of books dedicated to the “management”. Considering the amount of space dedicated to the “management book”, I would assume that there is brisk movement of these tomes. I am sure this would be the scenario all over the world.
I wonder why no one has asked these questions till now.

Who buys these books? Who writes these books? What happens once the books are read?

Assuming that these books are read by the “managers”, and further assuming that the contents of these books did have lot of information and knowledge, why did we have the huge organizations failing? Why are we in “should be getting out of recession soon” situation?

I guess the “management” books were brought by people who wanted to prop up their monitors or there was more fluff than matter in these books. I guess it felt good to tell your colleague “Man, that book on “purple ocean strategy” was great, you should read it”, though all you did was use it prop up the clock in your house.

I guess I would rather, plunk down money on a good fiction book….’cause you see, there is not much difference in the content … both are just stories.

Let me get down to writing a “management” book on how to manage companies during “recessionary times”. I am sure it would work out to be a best seller, and I do like sci-fi.


joven said...

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jrocqk said...

Will you co-author a book with me on "How to manage management books"?